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Cloud Storage Services in Portland

The widespread use of the cloud for document and data storage has made a huge impact on the way business is done in Portland. Organizations no longer have to store files onsite in large, clunky filing cabinets.

There isn’t even a need to own and maintain your own servers. The cloud has opened up the globe to a world of new means of communicating and storing and sharing data.

What is the Cloud?

Portland Cloud Storage Services

A fairly simple concept, the cloud is a system of offsite servers that individuals and businesses use to store their digital data and files. The servers are managed by a hosting company and individuals and organizations buy or rent digital space from them.

Businesses and individuals can benefit from the cloud. Individuals can store photos, music, and other data in the cloud to save space on their personal devices. Businesses often store widely shared documents in the cloud for easy access for all employees.

The hosting company is responsible for the upkeep of the servers and ensuring that their users have constant access to their stored information.

Has the Cloud Changed the Way We Do Business in Portland?

The cloud has greatly impacted the way companies do business. Several benefits of using the cloud to store business information are:

  • Easy file sharing: a document hosted offsite can be accessed by anyone granted permission
  • Scalability: you only pay for the amount of storage you use
  • Remote access: anyone in the company can log in and access information from anywhere
  • Increased security: hosting companies take extreme measures to keep all data secure
  • Natural disaster protection: servers are secure and backed up
  • Reduced power/maintenance costs: you don’t have to pay for server maintenance or energy use

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